Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Review: Babylips by Maybelline!!

I just have to make a blog post about these things, they are AMAZING.  

When ever I first bought Babylips by Maybelline I wasn't really expecting much, I thought they would be quite dry and would just give your lips a weird wash of colour. 

Thankfully I was wrong because these things are my new obsession!  I have 'Peach Kiss', a nude colour, 'Pink Punch', a bright pink, and my personal favourite, 'Cherry Me', a shuttle red colour. 

They are all lovely wearable colours and are so moisturizing.  I have very dry lips and usually just wear Vaseline, a lip treatment, but these feel so lovely on my lips and I can wear them on their own on a daily basis without bother! 

I really recommend all of them and I can't wait to buy more! 

Chloe x 

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