Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Review: Babylips by Maybelline!!

I just have to make a blog post about these things, they are AMAZING.  

When ever I first bought Babylips by Maybelline I wasn't really expecting much, I thought they would be quite dry and would just give your lips a weird wash of colour. 

Thankfully I was wrong because these things are my new obsession!  I have 'Peach Kiss', a nude colour, 'Pink Punch', a bright pink, and my personal favourite, 'Cherry Me', a shuttle red colour. 

They are all lovely wearable colours and are so moisturizing.  I have very dry lips and usually just wear Vaseline, a lip treatment, but these feel so lovely on my lips and I can wear them on their own on a daily basis without bother! 

I really recommend all of them and I can't wait to buy more! 

Chloe x 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Balms- Mary Lou Loumanizer

This is the most amazing highlighter that I that own! In my opinion this highlight is even better than High Beam by Benefit.  It's in a power compact but I feel that it's actually quite creamy whenever swatch it. 


It is a very shimmery, so you have to be careful whenever you are applying it so you don't look oily rather than contoured. But even if you have oily skin, don't be scared to use this as if you add a little bit goes a long way and looks amazing for casual use and on a night out with the girls! 


For a high end product it is quite a good price at £15, but honestly due to the pigmentation of this product, you will only ever have to buy one because it will last you forever.  I've been using this product for quite a while and there isn't even a dent in it as you only have to use a very small amount product.  

Give it a go!

You can find this product online at feelunique.com 

theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer 8.5g - feelunique.com

Chloe x

Saturday, 8 February 2014

MUA Pro Brow Palette!

This post is going to be short and sweet but most definitely worth while.  The MUA brow palette is my favourite beauty product ever!  It's an amazing £3.50 and lasts you a very decent amount of time, I'm definitely a brow girl.  I want my brows be natural but to frame my face as brows should.


I often compare this brow kit to another favourite of mine, the Bobbi Brown Brow kit, which is £35.  An amazing product but nearly as good as the MUA Brow kit and is exactly 10% of the price, could it get any better?!

It has three different shades, a highlight, a brow brush and a pair of brow plucker's.  I use the top two shades mixed together on a real techniques brow brush, I don't use the highlight shade, the bottom orange toned shade or the tools but for the two shades I do use, it is completely worth the money.


It's so popular where I live that it is very hard to get your hands on, even on-line.  So if you ever have a chance to get your hands on it, do!

If you ever take any advise from my blog, make it this... go buy the MUA Pro Brow Kit!!

Chloe x

So Many Mascaras, So little Time....

Mascaras are always something girls say they can't leave to house without wearing, just because they make you look so much more alive and awake after a late night of work or watching netflix.  They seem to make such a difference, giving your face an appearance of wider and brighter eyes when really, your eyelashes are just propped up.  But this all leads to the question, which mascara is for me?  So this blog post is just telling you about all of my top five mascaras and why I love them.  From high end to high street here is my all time favourite mascaras...

In fifth place is collections "Big Fake Ultimate Mascara".  The name explains it, it has a large brush which definitely does deliver volume, but it's not too heavy to irritate your eyes and is only £4.99!


Forth is my most expensive mascara that I own and definitely feels it, it's the very luxurious YSL's "Shocking Mascara".  This is a very lovely mascara and provides both length and volume although it is quite a heavy mascara which can weigh eyelashes down which is something I personally don't prefer in a mascara, but overall it is a very lovely mascara and would recommend it if you have the budget as it is £24.


Third is another favourite from boots, Bourjois "Volume Glamour Max Holidays Mascara".  I love this mascara because of how light it is, because of this it doesn't add much volume like the name would suggest, which I would have thought I would never like, but it adds such a lovely amount of length and the most perfect curl that it honestly didn't matter to me at all, but decide for yourself... £9.99.


Second is the ever so famous, "They're real Mascara" by benefit. (£19)  This is one of the most hyped up mascaras in the beauty world and for good reason.  It adds length, volume and curls lashes.  Even at the tip it has a tool to help wedge those lashes up that we all know need a little help.  But there is two reasons it isn't my number one mascara.  1) It is a very heavy mascara and whenever I'm taking it off at night I feel like I'm taking half my eyelashes off with it, even with eye make-up remover! 2) I didn't want to put a high end mascara as my number one because in my own opinion high street mascaras can be just as good, if not better than some of the most expensive, so that's why my number one mascara will be one of the best from boots!


So in first place is another hyped up mascara in the beauty world, Maybellines "Rocket Volume Express Mascara".  This is number one for me because it does everything, adds volume, length and curl without being too heavy or sticky.  For me it is perfect!


Please leave a comment on what you're top mascaras are. :)

Chloe x